We are a studio and fitness apparel boutique located at Southtowne in downtown Pensacola. Our primary class offerings are centered around heated power yoga.

Heated--not hot. The warm room, through the use of infrared heaters, allows your body to warm up faster so we can get right to work stretching and strengthening. Science shows other benefits include: detoxification, boosted immune system, improved mood, advanced lung capacity, reduced risk of injury, and weight loss. Our classes are designed to challenge you. Sometimes that challenge could mean that you go deeper and sometimes challenge could mean having the awareness to know when to take a break. There is no judgement here, all of our instructors and members have been there - we all start somewhere.

A consistent practice will grow your state of awareness through the practice of mindfulness. You can also expect a renewed sense of joy and reduced stress. Now, I know that term “mindfulness” can seem confusing. Try viewing it like this—becoming aware that your mind is full and that you are not your thoughts---

One of my favorite quotes by Eckhart Tolle reads..

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which always is as it is.”

If you have never done yoga before, disko is for you. If you have taken a million classes, disko is for you. Our classes are designed to challenge you but are taught in a way that makes them accessible to all.

So, If you are thinking, “I can’t do yoga...” I ask you, “How would you feel without that thought?”

We hope to see you on the mat!

- The super weird Disko Lemonade team


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studio director + instructor

What up? I'm Briana and I live for this stuff. I know without a shadow of a doubt that yoga can change everything. I am not talking about a series of postures, I am talking about a state of conscious awareness. My passion is centered around helping other people not take life, or themselves, too seriously. We are all in this thing called "life" together having similar experiences--even if it may be through different circumstances. Yoga taught me compassion and love. I know it may sound like a bunch of self-help crap, but I promise, if you are open to it, it can change your life. It is my intention for this studio to be a place that brings light into your life. A place where you can go and be silly and spontaneous, and brave... Try new things and challenge what you know.  I have completed 300 hours of yoga teacher training, and I am a specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Master Barre Trainer, and all that blah blah blah stuff. 

Jennifer P, instructor



My name is Kathryn "Scarlett" Rustemeyer. I discovered yoga about 12 years ago while attending a ballet program and instantly fell in love with the feeling of meditation and the connection between mind and body. As a somewhat hyperactive individual, yoga brings me to a peaceful place of intention and discipline. Some background about me: I currently dance professionally with Ballet Pensacola and teach ages 3-adult at the Ballet Pensacola academy. I also share my passion for movement through teaching rhythmic cycling at Ride Society. You might also spot me crafting lattes and crepes at Fosko Coffee Barre. I believe that flow is a truly sacred part of life, that many people too easily leave on the back burner in our daily lives. Movement has the ability to heal and soothe our souls through even the roughest of times, which is why it's so important for our community to unite in healthy and supportive ways! I am a 200 hr RYT. I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you!

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Hey all, I'm Farrah. I've been in this town forever and aside from visiting other places, I never want to leave. Yoga has taught me that I'm pretty awesome as I am. Sharing the knowledge I am gaining with all of you is #goals. I'm here to do what I love, which is yoga, hang with the fam, and share some laughs with, well, anyone. I have completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training. My passion includes exploring new ways to get into poses because each student is different. You can expect to discover new things about yourself, sweat your face off, and have a lot of fun doing it. So come visit Disko Lemonade where the lemonade is not flowing... but we are.

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Hi, Alpna here! I always loved being healthy and staying in shape but never enjoyed traditional forms of exercise...which might be why I fell in love with barre and yoga! I have been teaching both since 2016 and I have completed 400 hours of yoga teacher training.

Showing up to class is often the hardest part, so once you are there I promise you an awesome time, that will not only challenge and improve your body, but mind and soul as well! Outside of the studio I enjoy traveling, spending time with my husband, family & friends, and two kitties, and volunteering to support animal rights/welfare.


Torri , front desk & teacher trainee


jennifer U, instructor

Hi I’m Jennifer! As a mental health provider, I already had an interest in yoga as I knew it improved physical and mental health. I didn’t find out how amazing it truly was until I took my first class! Afterward, I thought wow I got a great workout and I feel so relaxed. This is some kind of magic! Everyone in my life was hearing about how much I loved yoga. Seriously, everyone! I am excited to teach as it provides me with an opportunity to help people in a completely different way! By the way, I talk about cats as much as I talk about yoga. 



Hey I’m Tina. About ten years ago I was mindlessly running on a treadmill at a local gym, when a very energetic guy starts running through the gym chanting “Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!” I was intrigued, so I stopped running and did my first yoga class. Yoga wasn’t something I had ever given any thought to, but after the class I was hooked. Later I began teaching classes at the gym. As a school teacher by day it seemed natural for me to teach fitness classes. I have a passion for teaching and helping people. Yoga has become the mindful workout that I love to practice and share with others.