Things to bring to yoga & barre: mat, towel, water bottle, (socks for barre no socks for yoga), and comfortable clothing you can sweat in. We have loaner mats and towels ($2 each) and you can purchase a bottle of water for $1. Water fountains are available as well. Mat & towel rental is included in the intro pass and autopay memberships. See you on the mat!

Power Flow 60

- also taught in a 45 minute version

Our experienced instructors will take you through a transformative power flow designed to strengthen, stretch, and empower you. Our studio is designed to optimize your experience with high ceilings for optimal breathability. Infrared heaters are used to warm the body to the essential temperature for stretching and movement. During the class, your teacher will use mindful cues to guide you into the present moment and reduce stress and you will learn stress reducing techniques you can take with you off the mat. You will cool down in seated stretches and end with a cool towel in savasana (rest).

Additional benefits : Weight loss, improved joint mobility, sweat detox, boost in confidence, sense of community, improved digestive health, reduced risk of injury, balanced metabolism, ability to pause before reacting, increased compassion and love for yourself and others.

The not so fancy description: “I don’t know what I just did, but I feel great. This is going to change my life.”

Power Flow - Inversions Playshop

Class will begin like our regularly scheduled power flow. Your teacher will take you through flow to warm the body up and then give you time to try on inversions such as headstand, handstand, and forearm stand. This class is funnnn! Can't headstand? No worries, this is the perfect place to learn how. Additionally, this is a great place to ask your instructor about alignment/modifications in certain poses or any questions you may have. Class will end with a cool down in some seated stretches and then a cool towel in savasana.

The not so fancy description: “Ok, moving, flowing, getting warmed up. Did she just say time to play with headstand? Did that girl just go into a headstand? What even, I can’t do that. Okay, instructor is helping me into it. Omg, I just did a headstand! I JUST DID A HEADSTAND!”

Barre 50 w/glide

You instructor will take you through a full body workout with and added element of the cardio glide board. With the combination of strength training and cardio, you get it all in this class. We warm-up on the board (barres can be used to hold onto for balance), then move into a light hand weight section, and then on to the barres for ballet inspired leg and glute strengthening exercises. After that, your instructor will move you to the mat for inner thigh and core work followed by a cool down and stretching.

Additional benefits: Increased muscle tone/strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, boosted metabolism, weight loss, improved posture, confidence.

The not so fancy description: “FIRE! Prepare to fire your muscles up! Class will get you warmed up with the glide-board. Then, we move on to work the whole body. For real though - “just 8 more!” This class will be over before you know it and when it’s done, you will be like, “What didn’t I work?” because it targets everything. Each section of the class strengthens a different muscle group.”

Glide 50 Sculpt

This class utilizes the glide-board for a low impact cardio workout. The barre is used for balance in conjunction with the board while sculpting exercises are performed to work the entire body - arms, legs, glutes, abs.

The not so fancy description: “SWEAT! Prepare to sweat your face off, but like in a fun way because the board is hella fun. We also use hand weights to work the arms and the barre to make your legs shake. This workout is great for anyone wanting to work practically everything while getting your heart rate up. Bonus - it is low impact - so even though you will be thinking, “buuurrrrn!” it is doable for everyone. ++ You can fool yourself into thinking you are a pro hockey player.”

flow into yin - heated

This class is a great way to end the weekend and begin your week. We will get the class going with flow (yang) to give you an empowering, sweat inspiring workout and then transition into an extended yin comprised of seated poses to relax and improve flexibility and joint mobility. We hope you leave feeling rejuvenated.

The not so fancy description: “They made me earn that damn yin. SAVASANNNNNNNAAAAAAA..”